I am a technologist and Alpha Geek.

I am a autodidact (a self-taught person) when it comes to computer technology. I like to speak from experience whenever possible.

I present at different local computer groups.

Alan Presenting at SLO Bytes PC Users Group

I am a Alpha Geek most of the time, but I also like biking, kayaking and other outdoor activities.

I embrace ALL new technology regardless if it's from Apple, Google, Linux, Microsoft or others. I'm not married to one particular operating system.

Everyone has different computer needs. Some people can get by with just a smartphone while others need a tablet, laptop or powerful desktop computer. A desktop computer still matters; just not to the masses anymore. A person should buy whatever technology works for them.

I like to be on the cutting edge of ALL technology and am prepared to shed blood!

I am not a slave to any particular operating system platform or ecosystem; so I use and report on all of them.

I do like my Apple products:

My Apple Products

Apple is a lifestyle brand...

The first rule of joining the Apple Club is: "You Never Talk About the Money."

The second rule is: "When you use an Apple product you agree to do it Apple's way."

I have a Apple iPhone SE Smartphone as my backup phone with a different cell provider than my other iPhone.

I do my heavy computer lifting on Windows 10 and Linux computers.

My servers run both Linux and Windows.